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Defect Management : Defect Life Cycle

Humans are imperfect hence the codes they write are also imperfect. Humans are smart too, they find new ways to work on the software to make it work as intended or they hire people like me to help them. So it’s … Continue reading

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How to send mail with SMTP Authentication?

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the most widely used protocol for sending electronic mail.SMTP authentication is an extension to SMTP that proves your identity to a mail gateway. Many shared hosting providers don’t allow to use the PHP … Continue reading

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How to create Animated Banner in Photoshop?

We are all well aware of the importance of banners in promoting a company or its products on related websites. Animated banners if made unique and attractive, can divert a good amount of traffic to the concerned website. Lets discuss … Continue reading

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Basics Of Perl Special Variables

Perl is an open source, server side, high level dynamic programming language. Originally developed by Larry Wall in 1987. The basic rule of Perl is that a given task can be done in many ways. This is a very important … Continue reading

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Automated testing tool QTP (Quick Test Professional)

Automated testing is performed by using automation tool which is able to playback pre-recorded scripts and predefined actions to compare the results to the expected output to report pass or fail. Once automated tests are created they can be used … Continue reading

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Difference Between Quality Assurance, Software Testing & Quality Control

Quality: Quality means consistently meeting user requirements in terms of cost , delivery  schedule & service. Quality Assurance (QA): – QA is planned and systematic way to evaluate quality of process used to produce a quality product. – The goal … Continue reading

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Database Indexing Techniques

Indexes are database objects associated with database tables and created to speed up access to data within the tables. Indexes are part of constraint mechanism. When we insert data in table and if a column has primary key constraint, then database checks … Continue reading

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Common Validations for Web Forms

Forms are the only way through which the user and the website can interact with each other. Unusable forms can have a negative impact on the number of leads and hence the profit that can be generated from a website. … Continue reading

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Merging multiple RSS Feeds into one

Merging multiple RSS Feeds into one RSS (Really Simple Syndication)  is a web feed format that is used to publish frequently updated work on websites. If we need feeds from multiple locations, we can easliy merge it into one. The … Continue reading

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A brief about Oracle Unified Storage

Oracle has made fantastic innovation in the field of unified data storage with hybrid storage pools and storage management tools. A. Hybrid storage pools This technology is combination of flash drives, HDD and Oracle’s ZFS.  ZFS adds to the performance. … Continue reading

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