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How to integrate Google maps in your website?

We come across a lot of websites nowadays that show images of maps and exact locations of the particular place shown in an interactive web component. This is because Google has provided an API (Application Programming Interface) called Google maps … Continue reading

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Advantages of using PHP Frameworks

PHP is Server Side Scripting Language compatible with all known OS like Windows ,Linux etc .Nowadays, PHP frameworks are being extensively used by programmers to address to performance tuning issues faster and with ease. They offer extensible architecture and features … Continue reading

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Introduction to System Testing

System testing is one of most important phase in testing process. – This phase starts after the completion of phases like Unit Testing and Integration testing. – System testing is the testing  performed on completely developed and integrated  system. – Once … Continue reading

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How to integrate ‘Google AdSense’ in a website ?

What is Google AdSense ? Google AdSense is an ad serving application which is owned and run by Google Inc. Owners of a website can enroll this  program and enable text, image and video ads on their web pages. These … Continue reading

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How to repeat header rows on each page in Reportviewer (RDLC)?

In your .rdlc report there is small down arrow at the bottom right corner with red box,  you need to click on “Advanced Mode”. By clicking, your row and column groups will expand with new fields  named “Static” as shown below: Now, click “Static” … Continue reading

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Install and Configure Squid Proxy Server

Proxy server is an application or a computer system that acts as an agent or channel for requests from clients looking for resources from other servers. Client connects to the proxy server with a service (web, files or any other … Continue reading

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