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Data storage challenges and introduction to Unified Data Storage

Data Storage Challenges: Meeting storage challenges requires in depth understanding of the need for more storage, finding out application performance issues and keeping a check on cost and technology. Thus managing traditional storage is a difficult task as they have … Continue reading

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A brief introduction to Mobile Application Development

In the past couple of years we have witnessed tremendous growth in mobile users all over the world as the entry of smartphones in the market at affordable prices has triggered their usage. We have experienced a major shift in … Continue reading

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How to create Web Service in PHP

Web Services can convert your application into a platform independent Web-application. You can call web services using mobile applications (e.g iPhone, BB or android). The basic Web Services platform is XML & HTTP. To create web services you should know … Continue reading

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PHP script to fetch Domain Name Server information for .uk domain

What Is a Domain Name Server (DNS)? DNS is a technology to map the names of sites with the server’s IP address. DNS is used to point domain name to server IP address. WHOIS lookup is an internet utility that … Continue reading

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Check List and Guidelines for Website Testing

Testing plays a very important role in development of a website. The following checklist serves as a quick reference and guide for you to test any website: 1. Test all links: Check all internal hyperlinks : Verify  whether all links … Continue reading

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Brief introduction to PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Earlier it was known as Personal Home Pages. PHP is a server side scripting language suited for web based technologies and it can be embedded into HTML. PHP runs on server side, so we can say … Continue reading

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File-handle or format variables

These are the special variables that are used for file or related operations. These need not be mentioned explicitly as they are initialized on successful file opening. Moreover each file-handle holds its own set of values. Some File handle or … Continue reading

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center is a facility used to house hardware, software, security systems, power conditioning and backup.  We can also say, Data Center is a computer room where all servers are stored, operated and managed. Data center operating costs have skyrocketed in the past … Continue reading

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Mobile Business Intelligence & Mobile Application Development Technologies

Mobile Business Intelligence:  As we know, Mobile applications are internet applications that run on mobile devices. Operating system and customized or ready-made applications are ‘must have’ installations for mobile phone devices in today’s scenario. Mobile phone devices which have operating … Continue reading

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How to deploy ASP.NET MVC3 application on the server?

Let us discuss how you can deploy ASP.NET MVC 3 application on server without any support from web hosting providers. .NET framework 4.0 is required to run MVC application. This approach does not require ASP.NET MVC 3 installation on the … Continue reading

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