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How to Apply Special Effect – “Emboss Effect” to text in Corledraw

As we all know, Coreldraw is a graphic design software used specially for printing media as well as other designing purposes. From this point of view using different effects for both text and images is very interesting yet important part … Continue reading

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An Introduction to TeamGrowth

Since the introduction of World Wide Web (www), it has gone through few huge changes in the ways Internet has been used that lead IT Companies to venture into web industry. With the same vision, TeamGrowth a Research and Development … Continue reading

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Importance of website for online business

A good website has become an imperative for businesses today. In this tech savvy era website is the most effective medium for branding and marketing for any organization. I will discuss a few essential points for developing an effective website … Continue reading

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Export MySQL Data in CSV File Through External URL

As you know, many of your clients need MySQL data stored on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from you. But if there is no option to share this data through web application or any other medium, then it will be … Continue reading

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MySQL storage engines

MySQL supports the following the table types or storage engines: 1. ISAM 2. MyISAM 3. InnoDB 4. BerkeleyDB(BDB) 5. MERGE 6. HEAP While considering the table types you have to mainly focus on the following factors: 1. Transaction safe 2. … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Reportviewer runtime error in MVC3

In this blog post we will discuss how to integrate ASP.NET ReportViewer control in MVC3 application. ASP.NET ReportViewer control works well in traditional Webforms (.aspx file). When I tried it in MVC 3 View (.cshtml file) it was not working. … Continue reading

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Flash Masking with Animation

1. Open a new flash file and import image to the center of the stage in layer 1. 2. Create layer 2  above layer 1. 3. Convert layer2  to mask layer. 4. Draw a circle on mask layer 2. 5. … Continue reading

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Tips to improve your Blog Security

Every blogger is concerned about their blog security and like any other popular platform, WordPress is also heavily targeted by hackers to execute malicious activities. We need the assurance that communication via our blog or website is safe and prevents … Continue reading

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Types of Recordings and Checkpoints in QTP

In our last post we had discussed about advantages of QTP over other testing tools, basic settings, keyword view and expert view. Let us now discuss about the different types of recordings in QTP. There are three types of recordings … Continue reading

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Creating SEO friendly URL in PHP

Nowadays, without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is chance that a website may not get indexed by search spiders or crawlers. Thus, if website is not ranked high enough it will result in poor conversion rate. Two main advantages of … Continue reading

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