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How to make TextView in android scrollable?

A TextView cannot be scrollable by default. It needs to be in a scroll view tag in the xml file in layout folder. Following code snippet will help you fix the issue: Copy the following code snippet in your xml … Continue reading

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Brief introduction of NuCaptcha

CAPTCHA Captcha is a type of challenge response test for authentication to ensure human interaction for any given web page. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart”. It is a field related to … Continue reading

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Resize linux /tmp partition

We can increase the “/tmp” partition on Linux without reformatting the file system. Use following steps to re-size tmp partition: Change “count=2” field as per your requirement. Create “/home/tmp-dir” directory in the partition with sufficient available space. Change “/tmp” in last command … Continue reading

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Alpha and Beta Testing

In the development of any product, it is not a good practice to simply develop the program and release it right away. The product needs to pass a sequence of rigorous tests to make sure that the product matches the … Continue reading

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Know SEO step by step

After you have completed the configuration settings of your blog and started posting articles on it, the next logical step would be blog promotion. The first aspect that comes to our mind for blog promotion is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). … Continue reading

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How to use CURL in PHP?

CURL- Client URL Library CURL connects different types of servers and communicates with different types of protocols like http, https and ftp. In order to use CURL, you need to install the libcurl package. You can check whether it is … Continue reading

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Google Trends PHP API for Hourly Updates

We are all aware of the importance of relevant meta data for SEO hence we are constantly on the look out for the most researched keywords in search engines primarily Google. Google also provides Google Trends tool which gives insights … Continue reading

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Introduction and installation of RRD Tool

RRD Tool is a Round Robin database tool developed by Tobias Oetiker, a system manager at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. RRD tool is mostly used to store and process the data collected via SNMP. It can be used … Continue reading

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PHP FriendFeed API v.2 using OAuth method

FriendFeed is an interesting amalgamation of social media and bookmarking site by which users can share links, photos and videos and converse about the post with their friends. FriendFeed has upgraded its API recently to make it simpler to use … Continue reading

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Types of Software Testing

Testing is finding out how correctly the product works. In other words it is a process that is used to identify correctness, completeness and quality of software. In this post we will discuss various types of software testing. Let us … Continue reading

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