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How to Hide/Encrypt HTML Source Code

Developers are increasingly concerned for the security of their websites. Hence most of the developers want to hide their HTML code. Though it is impossible to hide HTML source code, you can make it unreadable by simply using encryption and … Continue reading

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Delete/Truncate data from all Tables in SQL Server

We usually use a dummy database for testing. It gets filled with a lot of unwanted temporary data. At the time of deployment we replicate this database into Live Database. While doing so we need to delete all data from … Continue reading

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How to prevent your application from SQL Injection?

Avoiding auto generated queries is best method to protect your application from SQL injection or you can use parametrized queries or stored procedures. For example, a login form has two basic form elements, a text box for accepting a user … Continue reading

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How to repeat header rows on each page in Reportviewer (RDLC)?

In your .rdlc report there is small down arrow at the bottom right corner with red box,  you need to click on “Advanced Mode”. By clicking, your row and column groups will expand with new fields  named “Static” as shown below: Now, click “Static” … Continue reading

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