Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center is a facility used to house hardware, software, security systems, power conditioning and backup.  We can also say, Data Center is a computer room where all servers are stored, operated and managed. Data center operating costs have skyrocketed in the past years and a major cause of concern is the increased power bills.  Cost of running a data center is major part of IT budget. It varies due to installation costs of new hardware and software. As market changes rapidly, organizations must be able to adapt to the changes. Racks in a data center are used to host servers along with power cooling equipment and other electrical infrastructure.

It is observed that 15 – 20% of data center operating cost is spent on power. This concern can be effectively addressed by using a Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution (DCIM). DCIM is a management and monitoring solution for IT infrastructure and facility management. It is a software tool that can balance power and cooling, handle application and asset life cycle costing analysis, identify bottlenecks and redundancy affecting SLA.

A few years ago data center management was done by large enterprises that had thousands of square feet of data center floor space and teams dedicated to support it but with the advent of DCIM it has become quite easy for mid scale organizations to manage their own data centers. DCIM helps us to measure power usage and monitor proper cooling requirements. Today, numerous companies in the market offer DCIM software solution. DCIM software solution solves all our Data Center management constraints like space, size, cooling, power, etc.

Advantages of DCIM:

  • It visualizes, analyzes and monitors our data center performance.
  • It also enables data center managers to automate management of IT applications based on server capacity.
  • The major advantage is of DCIM is that it reduces energy usage and increases energy efficiency.

Trends associated with DCIM:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Energy Efficiency or Green IT Data Center.

All above trends help us to save our power costs, improve our data center energy efficiency, resolves space and size constraints. DCIM emphasizes on monitoring and manage data center operations effectively so that companies can redirect their wasted IT budget towards investments that support the core business objectives.

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