Graphical User Interface Testing

GUI testing means testing how the application and user interact with system.

GUI Testing includes how the application handles/responds to keyboard and mouse inputs and how it displays screen text, images, links, buttons, menus, dialog boxes, icons, toolbox,etc.

Consider the following factors while GUI testing:

1. Consistency:
Users expect that if they perform something in a certain way in a program, another will do the same function the same way.
E.g. In notepad Find is accessed by going through search menu or F3.In WordPad it accessed through the edit menu or by CTRL+ F. Such inconsistency frustrate users.

2. Flexibility:
Flexible application provides more options and more ways to accomplish the same task.
Flexibility includes escape from any place or state and facility to skip & go to initial state.

3. Comfortability:
Appropriateness- Application should look and feel proper for what  it’s doing and for whom it is for.
E.g. Financial business application should probably not go crazy with loud and dark colors and sound effects.

4. Error Handling:
Application should warn user before critical operation.

5. Compatibility:
There are different screen sizes and resolutions available. So GUI element’s location may get changed according to screen size hence needs to be tested. We can use emulators or simulators for that.

Check List for GUI testing:

- Closing application should result in confirmation message box.

- All the screens in application should have a help button.

- Tabbing should highlight or focus on the current area.

- Does the general screen background have proper color?

- Does the text have a readable font?

- Is the screen resizable and minimizable?

- All the windows & dialog boxes should have consistent look & feel.

Lastly I would like to conclude that an impressive user interface design is the design that  provides maximum usability to the users of application.

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