How to write content for your website to attract more users

To make your website unique and effective for search engine optimization, sufficient amount of time should be dedicated to write its content. If you take a look at any high traffic websites, you will notice that they have quality content on them that addresses to the need of the visitors.

The following are some important practices that can be adopted to attract more users to your website:

1) There are always exceptions to every rule, but you should have a minimum of 200 to 300 words per page. Less than these may result in less keyword density which is not good for your website, more than these will cause a long list of keywords which may attract irrelevant traffic to your website.

2) Always use appropriate images to support the text which helps to break the page and enables you to minimize the keywords in HTML by naming them to images.

3) Adding, updating or altering the website content regularly helps to increase the rank of your web pages. Alteration or addition of PDF or word documents can be used for this. Make constant efforts to incorporate only the best and unique content on your website.

4) Allow the users to add content on your pages. For example, offer them a chance to review your products and services or post on your forums. These practices help your website tremendously as search engines pay a visit every time they identify new content and reward your website with higher ranking.

5) To enable the individual pages to get a higher ranking in search engines, optimize each page with appropriate keywords and a title which makes it easier for search engines to search the page.

We need to work towards achieving targeted traffic to our website which means that the visitors of the website have found the relevant information they were looking for. There are many ways to generate traffic towards your website but without a rich quality content the visitors would leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site i.e. bounce rate would be high.

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