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After you have completed the configuration settings of your blog and started posting articles on it, the next logical step would be blog promotion. The first aspect that comes to our mind for blog promotion is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many factors in SEO that can help you to get at the top of a search result. You need to be patient enough to learn different techniques, implement them and watch your blog or website grow gradually. I have tried to explain a few methods that will help you to enhance SEO:

1. Article Writing/ Submission: Article writing & submission is the best way to increase backlinks and get indexed by Google. The number of articles you submit to any article directory is directly proportional to the number of backlinks you create, provided the article is approved and listed by the directory. You have to make sure that the article content is unique and well written to generate quality backlinks.

Try to get your website/ blog listed in High PR (Page Rank) article directory to ensure generation of quality backlinks. There are chances that your articles could be republished in other article directories as well. There are many blogs which allow visitors to write blogs as a guest blogger. This technique however requires high level of proficiency and excellent quality articles.

2. Link Bait: Less popular but most effective, link bait is receiving more attention by the day. It is a process to create backlinks naturally by tempting other webmasters and visitors to refer your domain at their own will. Quality content, pictures or a widget can serve as link bait.

3. Link Exchange: It is the simplest and most followed way to get backlinks. All you have to do is search for good link directories on the Internet. There are three categories in link exchange program, One Way Link Exchange, Reciprocal Link Exchange and Paid Link Exchange.

4. Deep linking: This is yet another type of link exchange in which a user points to a specific page on a website, instead of using site home page or main page.

5. Inline Linking: This is use of a linked object, often an image, from one site by website belonging to a second website. You can use inline link in following manner (<img src=”” />) instead of this (<img src=”picture.jpg” />).

6. Classified: You can post free classified ads on online advertising websites for increasing traffic to your website. You can create backlinks for your website which is good for your website’s SEO but not all the classified ads websites allow you to post the content along with backlinks. Although you get an increased traffic to your website it is often observed that the visitors usually on’t read your ads.

7. Social Networking: This is the new trend in internet marketing that can potentially drive traffic to your website. Social media networking continues to grow as users spend more time on Facebook than on Google. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social media networks to drive traffic. The most important fact remains that social media marketing can be used to generate traffic with no money being spent on traffic acquisition costs.

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