Brief introduction of NuCaptcha


Captcha is a type of challenge response test for authentication to ensure human interaction for any given web page. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart”. It is a field related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is used for ‘humanoid’ evidence.

How It Works:

The users usually have to enter the text of a cluttered image for a successful login. If the entered response doesn’t match the code, the form is not submitted and the user receives an error response. It has a set or a single puzzle that needs to be solved. The puzzle generation is an automated process. The communication between the server and the Captcha system is encrypted.


  • Avoids “Spamming”.
  • Restricts e-mail access.
  • Allows authentic user access.
  • Prevents forum attacks.
  • Distinguishes between machine and human users.
  • Solves problems of accessibility, bandwidth, and server load.


NuCaptcha is a video-based Captcha technique in which a video comprising of the security code is played and the user has to enter the text displayed in the video. It is a combination of Java-script, HTML5, and Adobe Flash.  It is easier to read and is more secure.


  1. Security
  2. Animation
  3. Behaviour analysis
  4. Human friendly
  5. HTML5 support

1. Security:

The traditional Captcha techniques are vulnerable to attacks hence still a security concern. This technology reduces the security risk to a great extent as it uses video animation as a medium to validate the user. The content in a Captcha is known as a “Clutter”. These are mainly overlapping letters, but reading them takes quite an effort from a static image. NuCaptcha makes reading of these clutters easier without compromising security.

2. Animation:

As the saying goes, “An image is worth a thousand words”, same is the case with videos. A video is always a convenient and most efficient way of communication. Thus NuCaptcha is gaining popularity for its video technology.

3. Behaviour analysis:

This is a system used to monitor the system interaction. This information is then used to tune the security level of each Captcha. Real users are given easy Captchas whereas attackers are given difficult ones.

4. Human Friendly:

NuCaptcha is very easy to use. It has a success rate of more than 90%. Every one using NuCaptcha prefers it to the complex text Captchas.

5. HTML5 Support:

NuCaptcha supports HTML5 video tags on selected platforms. If HTML5 is not compatible then it uses Adobe Flash. It can display animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) if the previous two are not compatible.


NUCAPTCHA is here to stay as it is compatible and easy to use for any given platform and for any type of user. It is also a great tool to prevent or avoid security hacks from attackers. Video animation is user friendly and more attractive to the users. Moreover timely advancements are made in the NuCaptcha algorithm.

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