How to Apply Special Effect – “Emboss Effect” to text in Corledraw

As we all know, Coreldraw is a graphic design software used specially for printing media as well as other designing purposes. From this point of view using different effects for both text and images is very interesting yet important part of Coreldraw.

We can give “emboss effect” to text in Coreldraw same as done in Photoshop. The effect given in Coreldraw is more sharper and attractive compared to Photoshop. The major difference between emboss effect used in Coreldraw and Photoshop is that the depth of Photoshop emboss effect after printing is not that attractive as compared to Coreldraw emboss effect. Also the text by giving photoshop emboss effect is a ‘Raster image’ so it is not very sharp, while the text using Coreldraw emboss effect is much sharper.

Let’s discuss the steps to be followed to give emboss effect to text in Coreldraw :

Step 1 : Let’s type any word, say “TEAM GROWTH” using ‘Text Tool’. Use any bold font like ‘Arial black’ and font size more than 24pt. Fill the text color to ‘Orange’ using CMYK color palette. It will look like:

Step 2 : Now go to ‘Effects’ tab in menu bar and select ‘Bevel’option. A small window will  open on right side of the screen showing the properties of the ‘Bevel’ option. It includes the properties likeStyle of the effect, Bevel offset,  Shadow Color, Light controls etc.

Step 3 : Select the text i.e.”TEAM GROWTH” and go to the property window of Bevel.

Select ‘Soft edge’ option for Style property. Select Bevel offset to ‘To Center’. Keep Shadow Color ‘White’. Now for proper emboss effect ‘Light control’ function plays an important role. The effect of emboss depends upon the light controls. Light controls include :

1. Intensity - the brightness effect to the embossed text.

2. Direction - the direction of the emboss effect from 0 degree to 360 degree.

3. Altitude - the light direction given to the emobossed text.

Now to give the desired emboss effect while keeping the intensity at100%, Direction at 50 degree and Altitude to value  40. Now the text will look like:

Step 4 : Click on the tab ‘Arrange’ from main menu and again click on sub menu ‘Break bevel apart’. This will impart emboss effect from the original text.

Go to ‘Bitmaps’ tab from main menu, select convert to Bitmap option. Bitmap the embossed effect into CMYK 300dpi image.

Step 5 : Select the “TEAM GROWTH” emboss effect image. Now go to ‘Effects’ tab in main menu. Select ‘Powerclip’ option and sub option – ‘place inside the container’. Select the target as the original text and place the embossed image into original text.

“This will sharpen the text making it look more attractive!”


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