How to create Animated Banner in Photoshop?

We are all well aware of the importance of banners in promoting a company or its products on related websites. Animated banners if made unique and attractive, can divert a good amount of traffic to the concerned website.

Lets discuss in a short tutorial below, the step-by-step process to create animated banner in Photoshop:

1. Create a new file ‘ Ctrl+N ‘ document of the required size, then in a Layers Pallet take a new layer and make attractive background design for banner as per your requirement.

2. Use separate Layer for each frame, which means the content which will appear one by one in the animation should be put into individual layers.

3. In Layer Pallet there is an option available for applying effects to the texts and images used. For eg : Drop-Shadow, Outer-Glow, Bevel-Emboss, Gradient Overlay etc.

4. By using the above mentioned Layer Style effects, we can design attractive banners to grab attention of the users.

5. In ‘ Window ‘ menu of Photoshop, you will see the option ‘Animation‘.
Click on it, then a timeline will appear on screen which is used for preparing animations.
6. In the Timeline window, a small thumbnail of the First frame will appear.
Some options are given below for making Animation:

  •  Display Time of Frame – in seconds.
  •  Once, 3 Times, Forever – To set the repeatability of animation.
  •  Play, Pause, Previous Frame, Next frame – For testing animation.
  •  Duplicate Frame – For creating next frame for animation.
  •  Delete Frame – For removing unwanted frame.
  •  Tweening Frame – For making in-between frames automatically.

7. Click on ‘Duplicate Frame’ to make 2nd frame for animation and thus we can make required number of frames for animation.

8. Next is to select the 2nd frame from Timeline and then click on the ‘EYE ICON‘ of the Layer which is at the top position in the Layer Pallet, by doing so the content of that layer will hide & content of the frame below will appear in the second frame of animation.
Thus the user can create multiple frames required for animation in Timeline.

9. We can set the Display Time of frame by using Display Time Option in timeline and test the animation by clicking on ‘Play‘ option.

10. After arranging all the frames in the timeline as per requirement, go to the ‘File’ Menu and select ‘Save for Web & Devices‘ option. A window will appear, then select ‘GIF’ file extension for prepared animation.Click on ‘Ok‘ button and save the file to the correct path.

Most often 125px by 125px size banners are used in website for advertisements.

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