Merging multiple RSS Feeds into one

Merging multiple RSS Feeds into one

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)  is a web feed format that is used to publish frequently updated work on websites.

If we need feeds from multiple locations, we can easliy merge it into one. The best tool with the perfect UI that I would recommend is Yahoo Pipes. Using Yahoo Pipes we can merge multiple RSS feeds and it has many customization options. You can create feeds as per your requirement. Yahoo Pipes filtering option gives you the flexibility to merge feeds as the way you want.

Following are the steps to merge multiple RSS feeds using Yahoo Pipes:

Step 1 : Visit

Step 2 : Log in using your yahoo login details.

Step 3 : Click on create a pipe.

Step 4 : Drag and drop Fetch feed from left and enter the feed URL.

Step 5 :  Repeat step 4 for multiple feeds.

Likewise you can add multiple feed as per your needs.

Step 6 : You can also filter the feed data. Drag and drop Filter  from Operators-> filter and set your filtering parameters. You  can also add multiple operators as you need. For example:

You get your customized output in Pipe Output.

Step 7 : Save the pipe.

How to use your customized feed :

1. Go to  my pipes, here you can see list of pipes you have created, click on one of the pipe:

2. Click on Get RSS and your RSS link is ready.

You can embed this feed on your website and enjoy multiple feeds at one time. :)

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